Dad Outraged After Finding Out Teacher Forced Son To Stick Head In Bucket Of Urine

An 8-year-old boy returned home from school visibly distraught. His father asked him what was wrong. The boy explained that the teacher had ordered him to stick his head into a bucket. Dad asked: “What was inside the bucket?” When his son told him, he lost it.

People how become teachers do it to teach, to inspire, and to mold young minds.

Some get way out of hand when dispensing ‘justice’ and punishments, however.

One second-grade teacher from the Cool Spring Primary School in King William, VA reportedly made the male students in her care put their heads in a bucket of urine.

Then the boys had to sniff and then tell her who had peed in the bucket.Someone had peed in the bucket, and this was the only way the teacher figured she could find the culprit.

The story got out when Shawn Martin asked his son how his day at school had been.

His eight-year-old son said he had had a bad day.

Then he told his dad what happened.

Students were all sent home with a note saying they may have been exposed to bodily fluids.

To add insult to injury, the teacher, a 26-year-veteran teacher, is still on the job!

School officials said it was a personnel matter and steps should be taken to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

They declined further comment.

So, it remains unclear if the teacher will receive any sort of reprimand for humiliating the students.

Martin said the school gave him permission to move his son into another classroom.

But Martin said that would be like punishing the wrong person. I would move my child to a different school and file charges against the teacher.

Did the teacher expect the children to be able to smell the urine and identify the person who did it?