Jealous Man And His Pit Bull Scalp Ex-Girlfriend Over Facebook Post

First this jealous boyfriend scalped his girlfriend. Then he let his pit bull have his way with her. Before it was all said and done, to add insult to injury, he did one more thing sick thing just to destroy her.

On September 14, 2015, this man, Zachary Allen Gross, 31, is from Northern Kentucky. He attacked and assaulted his girlfriend, Marilyn Stanley, 26.

He scalped her with a knife and then told his pit bull to attack her. The dog bit off a part of her ear.

Being a sick and twisted man, Gross was not done yet. He took Marilyn’s scalp, put it in a plastic bag, and dropped it off at her mother’s house.

After the attack, Marilyn’s nose was broken, and her eyes had swelled up to the size of baseballs.

At the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, doctors found that 80% of Marilyn’s scalp had been removed.

Marilyn said that Gross repeatedly kicked her stomach and hit her face.

The reason for the attack was that Gross had seen that another man had posted a photo of Marilyn and her son on Facebook. Jealousy.

Gross actually tried to say that his actions were self-defense! Marilyn had reportedly pulled out the knife first.

Gross’ lawyer also tried to blame Marilyn’s missing scalp on the dog.

A trauma surgeon said the cuts were not consistent with a dog’s teeth.

The jury came back after just two hours with a guilty verdict.

guy scalps girlfriend

He had been charged with domestic violence, second-degree assault, violating probation, and harboring a vicious animal.

Gross could now spend the next 20 years in jail for attacking Marilyn.

Marilyn has undergone three surgeries.

They have put cadaver skin on her skull to get it ready for a skin graft procedure.

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