Sobbing Woman At The Drive-Thru Is Grabbed By 3 Teenagers – Little Did They Know They Were Being Filmed By The Woman Behind Them

Barbara has a regular routine that she tries to go by each morning. She goes to Dutch Bros. to get a cup of coffee in the drive-thru before starting her day.

There was something odd that she saw one morning while she was waiting to get to the window in March 2016.

It usually didn’t take a long time for Barbara to get her cup of coffee when she would get to the small restaurant. She noticed one morning that the line was taking a little longer to get moving than normal.

The driver in the car in front of Barbara was taking quite some time to get the order completed and to get to the window. The person who was working at the window was talking to the driver.

While Barbara continued to wait, she saw two teenagers approach the window to talk to the woman as well. Not knowing what was going on, Barbara decided to get on her phone.

All of a sudden, the three people who were working at the window got on top of each other in a large pile! They then reached out the window and into the vehicle of the woman in front of Barbara. The teenagers took hold of the woman’s hand. This is when Barbara took a picture of the scene.

The vehicle drove off a few moments later. When Barbara got to the window, she found out why the boys were holding her hand and why they appeared to jump out of the window into her car. Barbara posted the picture she took and what happened in the drive-thru line on her social media page for others to see.

What did you think of the video? Did you find it as heartwarming as we did?